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Surface preparation is considered the most important factor in a successful painting job. It is essential in order to establish and maintain a firm bond between the coating and its surface, or substrate. Each surface type has features that warrant individual consideration of how best to prepare it for coating. There is a surface preparation for interior & exterior Wood surface, drywall, plaster, steel, concrete and masonry surfaces, stainless steel, pre-finished metal, cooper and zinc, stucco, canvas, plastics, fiberglass, acoustic tile, and much more… Pressure Cleaning and Painting on Call is in the business of Painting for many years doing Interior and Exterior Painting and knowing about many changes in the manufacture of coating materials. We know the basic properties of these materials and when their use is appropriate. We know how to prepare and apply these materials properly. We know about the paintability of various substrates and how to prepare them for painting. We know the tools of the trade. We know why the paint fail and how to prevent failures. With us you will be in a good hands. We are professionals that you can trust.